Customer Reviews

“Trying to do some mediterranean cooking? Need some pomegranate molasses, greek style yogurt, or halva? Look no further. There is so much merchandise packed into George’s that I’d 1) be surprised if you didn’t find what you were looking for and 2) be surprised if you didn’t find something that you didn’t know you were looking for.

This is a fun place to go for inspriation in “trying new things.” I don’t know what half of the items here are supposed to be used for, but boy will it be fun learning. The staff are very helpful and patient, and don’t mind all of the stupid questions that I inevitably ask.

In addition to the dry-goods portion of the store, they have a refrigerated / frozen foods case and fully stocked deli for those looking to get a full meal. The tables out front don’t have the best view (the parking lot doubles as the Methuen City Schools bus barn) but they are available.

They even have geographically appropriate music CDs! What more could you ask for?”

Minda H. – Methuen, MA

“You could spend hours in this Middle Eastern bakery/restaurant roaming the aisles as you drool at all of the selections. My Grandmother always has a shopping list for us everytime we visit. We always get the fresh thin Syrian Bread, Spinach Pies, Tahini, Olives, Dates and Hummus. If you enjoy Middle Eastern food this is the place to shop!”

Beth G.- Greer, SC

“This is not just a Lebanese bakery, but a pretty sweet Middle Eastern market as well. Any time my family comes to visit me in CA I have them load up on zatah, sim sim, meat pies and cookies. The spinach and lamb pies are the best things on EARTH, and their makaroons are almost as good as mine (note: these are not the wimpy french coconut “macaroons,” but the Lebanese kind made with anise and walnuts).”

Taylor S. – San Jose, CA

“I was surprised at how big George’s Bakery was when I finally got there. It looks as though that this store may have been an old supermarket back in the day, as the space is that large. (IGA? Purity Supreme?)However this family has run George’s Bakery since 1958! Long time!

It appears that most baked and ready made items are baked in house. Also a number of items carry the “George’s Bakery” name so they must also distribute out to local locations. ‘Great browsing here. All kinds of fun and foreign items to try and see.

Credit cards accepted. A cool spot altogether.”

Matthew A. – Salem, NH

“Middle Eastern without having to go to Watertown! Yay! I love their fresh pita, their hummus, and their abundance of groceries for when I want to cook something from scratch. Other folks have summarized it better. I’m writing this review, so I can add it to my great places in Methuen/Lawrence list.”

Dirgni S. – Chelmsford, MA

“If you like Lebanese food, you have to stop and shop. The best I have seen in a while.”


“George Bakery: Awesome pita chips!”


“Great food! I’ve been shopping here for 20 years. We love everything, even my kids beg for me to run up to George’s to get something to eat. I bring the pita to my mom and pack and ship a variety of yummies to an ex-pat friend in Florida because she misses it so much. This is also a great way to wow friends at holiday meals!”


“Great place to purchase your Arabic Goodies: Helpful, kind people, willing to listen to comments and take constructive advice. I’ve been going back for a long time and will continue to do so.”

John M

“Nice People – very helpful – great food !!!
I love it.”